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Arie Arik Chen

Arie (Arik) Chen Fine Art

Emek Heffer,



Artist, Professional Photographer, live and create in Israel, teach Art Photography at Artistico, School of Photography in Tel Aviv.

Arik specialized in Abstract Photography.
He won On 2009, first prize in Abstract
category on the International Juried
Photography Competition in Florida, USA.
Arik recognizes Abstract Photography as the most creative and Inspiring art.
He takes an otherwise ordinary shot and shoots it at just the right light, angle or focus, to create
a masterpiece of colors, patterns and textures.

As Elliot Erwitt said:“Photography is an art of observation” and “…it is all about the way you see things!”
Arik's photography is based on profound observation and on making the picture utilizing an interesting composition and a unique point of view.

Professional Experience:

2008 Established Studio Artistico for Art and Creative Photography
2008 Art Photography Teaching and establishing of school of Photography
2009 Established and Guided Children Photography workshops


- New York Institute of Photography, NYC
- The School of Geographic Photography, Israel
- Art of films, Open University, Israel

Selected Exhibitions:

7/2005 Horas Richter Gallery, Tel Aviv Jaffa, “The color of China” (solo)
2/2008 Amalia Arbel Gallery, Tel Aviv, “Facing India” (solo)
8/2008 Studio Artistico, Tel Aviv, “Abstract in Nature” (solo)
6/2009 Horas Richter Gallery, Tel Aviv Jaffa, “The Tel Aviv sea line”
7/2009 Alternativ Galerie, Paris, “Fire,water,earth & wind”
9/2009 Artists’ Haven Gallery, F.L., Florida, Int’l Photography Exhibition.
12/2009 Jaffa Museum, Tel Aviv, “Expose to Light”, Photography Exhibition.
07/2012 Jaffa Gallery, Tel Aviv, “Geometric Fantasy”, Mixed Art Exhibition.
08/2013 Jaffa Hangar 2 Gallery, Tel Aviv, “Port of Exit”, Mixed Art Exhibition.
10/2013 Bikurey Itim Gallery, Tel Aviv, “Tribute to Pop Art”,Mixed Art Exhibition.

Awards and Publications:

7/2007 NYI Merit Award Winner – “backlight”
6/2008 National Geographic (The Israeli Issue), publishing photo “The Buddhist Girl”
9/2009 1st Place in Abstract Category, Int’l Juried Photography Competition, Florida, USA.


2007 The Dune - Photo documentary of the evolutions of a disappearing dune
2008 Expressions - Photo documentary of people expression
2009 silhouettes - Series of backlight silhouette photography


Nude 1




Indian woman


Bicycle rider


Cuban youngster


Morning Fog


Galloping horse


Galloping horses


New York streets 2


Smile of a happy baby


Pop Art Music


Brazilian carnival


Pop Art Lady


Pop Art Brazil


The Brazilians four


Beach sand on sunset


Body of sand


Abstract Light


New Life


In the Jungle


Carretera Austral river




Abstract sand 7


Chilean Penguin


Villarrica Volcano